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8th (eighth) Panhellenic Maritime Museum Conference.Speech. PDF Print E-mail
Written by mouseio   

Argostoli 20th of August till 22nd of August.

Proceedings biennium August 2008 - August 2010 of Maritime Museum of Litohoro.


Eight (8) years are completed from the start of the effort we put to find - Meditation - register - preservation and dissemination of Naval tradition and heritage of Litohoro.

It is one of the few Maritime places in the northern area, where shipping activity like Trade - Pirate and War are. Over time since the State of Macedonia the Byzantine era, the Ottoman Empire (Black ships) the revolution of 1821, the liberation movements (revolutions 1854 and Olympus 1878), the Balkan wars from 1912 to 1913 the First (1st ) and Second (2nd ) World Wars and continues until today with three shipping companies.

This is evidenced by the data (findings) that come to light each day after painful and lengthy investigations. Rightly Professor A. Vakalopoulos wrote for Litohoro and Litohorian Shipping in the 18th and 19th century:

"The Litohorian ship lords were rich. They owned lots of ships and selling goods to sea travelers."

The highlight event of the past two years is the seventh (7th ) Panhellenic Conference of the Maritime Museums which took place in the Maritime Museum of Litohoro, from 19th till 21st of September 2008, with notable announcements from eminent professors like: Dimitrios Pantermanlis - Helen Glikatzi Ahrweiler - Konstantinos Vakalopoulos - George Papastamkos - Navy Admiral (Retired) John Paloumpi and Folklore Researcher of the Academy of Athens Panagiotis Kamilakis.

Main theme of the Conference:

The Marine in Macedonic area from antiquity till now days and the role for the preservation of Greek identity in Thessaloniki - Macedonia since Othoman era.

Soon we will have the corresponding version of the records.

In 2009 we organized an exhibition of wooden models (maquettes) original sailing chafing (under scale) that were released in the Aegean Sea Eastern Mediterranean and Black Sea from the Minoan era until the mid 20th century.

The wooden ship models are work of timer shipping model maker - engineer  Mr Dimitris Maras.

The corresponding list (driver) that was released was given free to the visitors of the Maritime Museum of Litohoro, it attracted the credits from specialists and non - specialists.

The exhibition received wide publicity from newspapers and magazines and especially from the media channels such as: DION TV - TV 100 - ERT3 and 4E and even special satellite broadcasting to the Greeks around the world, since Litohoro has 12.000 registered residents, 5.000 of them are scattered across the length and the breadth of the globe.

We already have completed our own website so that every visitor know about Litohoro and the Maritime Museum of Litohoro and any other information about his/her visit, the tour and other details.

The address of the website from the Maritime Museum of Litohoro is: .

The association of the retired M.P.F. (Mariners' Pension Fund) of Litohoro (which was founded since 1923) towards the memorial for sailors of Litohoro who perished in the war and peace, without enough time to enjoy their last times in the Ithaca of their heart Litohoro, many of them left unattended, with no funeral, no last kiss goodbye from their loved ones and friends, decided to build a monument with their names (lost ones) that will be delivered to the Maritime Museum of  Litohoro the next October.

Unfortunately the blood tax of the seamen from Litohoro is very heavy.

In 2010 we issued in 3000 copies of an informative guide of Maritime Museum of Litohoro which is given free to all our visitors.

It contains historical records of physical and intangible naval cultural heritage of Litohoro and demonstrates the timelessness of.

To our foreign visitors the brochure is accompanied by a translation of texts in English and German language.

In cooperation with Helmepa junior and for second year we took action to encourage students of basic education (6 - 13 years old) who visited the Maritime Museum of Litohoro, similar material on "protection of the marine environment and other water resources like lakes and rivers".

In environmental education we cooperated very well with private school of Katerini "PLATON" and specifically with the fifth grade of primary school with 19 pupils.

Topical section: Maritime Museum of Litohoro, the shipping of Litohoro and Mariners from Litohoro.

With repeated visits to the Maritime Museum and guided tours by retired Naval tried to convey to children:

The relationship between the Mariners and the Sea, their contribution to the liberation struggles of our nation, the influence of the sea in shaping the character, cultural and economic advancement and overall benefits of our country from the Marine.

The album of 45 pages of A4 type, which is made by the pupils and given to us (as work), shows that they assimilated 80 - 90% of what they learned.

We feel satisfied and want to continue.

In 2009, according to data from the Museum, we had over 2000 visitors, excluding other 3000 visitors from schools - military - people with disabilities and children under the age of 12 who were given free entry.

The potential for increased number of visitors is huge.

Suffice it to say that only the major tourist points of the beach of Litohoro - Leptokaria - Platamonas each year attract more than 1000 foreign coaches - bus in organized groups.

In 2010 with the function of the institution's "Great Alexander" and the brief closure of the Museum of Natural History, Flora and Fauna of Mount Olympus, in Litohoro, there would be no exaggeration to characterize whether the "Locus Museum" as an area with a circumference of just 16 kilometers will be possible to visit: the Ancient Dion, the Archeological Museum, the Alexander Institute of expatriate Macedonians in America - Canada, the Byzantine Museum of the Monastery of  Saint Dionysius, the Maritime Museum of Litohoro and the Museum of  Natural History - flora - fauna of  Olympus.

On the new Administrative map (Kallikrates) the city expands in size, population culture. The city is now named township "Dion Olympus" with a population of 35000 inhabitants, the Mythical Mount Olympus and of course the beautiful beach expanding up to 30 kilometers.

The data certainly change with more responsibilities and endless possibilities.

Faithfull to the saying of J.F.K.: "Do not look at what your country does for you. Just look what you can do about your country", we will continue and respond to new conditions because "WE LEARNED TO SWIMMING IN DEEP".


Thank you

Nikos Vlahopoulos

President of Maritime Museum of Litohoro.

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