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Written by mouseio   

Explanatory proposal

Of the Maritime Museum of Litohoro

In the 8th (eighth) Panhellenic Maritime

Museum Conference which took place

In Argostoli Kefalonias  from the 20th of

August till 22 of August 2010.


8th (eighth) Panhellenic Maritime Museum Conference.

Argostoli Kefalonias  20th - 21st - 22nd August 2010


Proposal for discussion.

The Governing Council of Maritime Museum of Litohoro continuing the effort of the former chairman of the Maritime Museum of Crete Admiral Konstantinos Manioudaki and in the problems facing the Navy Museum, particularly those located far from the center, with a decision agreed by the most, authorized the President Mr. Nikolaos Vlahopoulos as:

At the 8th (eighth) National Congress of Maritime Museums which took place in Argostoli Kefalonias, date 20th - 21st and 22nd of August 2010, submit the proposal to create Appellate Body Naval Museum , legally regulated, so that our voices is similar in severity over the relevant agencies and municipalities of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Our ancestors used to say "the strength in unity". The implementation will be handled by our lawyers.

Indeed this is the spirit of the new policy of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to the Museums.

We regard positive the proposal of the Council of Museums for a "Kallikrates Museums".

Characteristic is the declaration of the Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Ms. Lina Mendoni: "A shepherds crook and a bag don't form a Museum".

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism should establish a single mark of what is a Museum and the mark is to be given to those that will satisfy the requirements such as: the type of the museum - Housing and similar configuration - system housing (property - rental - no charge for use, etc.) - collections - exhibits - hardware components and intangible cultural - geographical position - means of access - parking and the possibility of periodic reports - traffic (Greek and foreign) - activities - film screening and publications - working with other Museums - tickets - tour staff  also touring ways and whatever else the Ministry of Culture and Tourism thinks.

By doing so we believe that we will move away from the current mess of the Museums area.

A typical reference is made in the "Kathimerini" newspaper, date: 2nd of February 2010, that during the last ten (10) years an amount of one hundred million € (180.000.000 €) was spent to establish new Museum of questionable feasibility or fake Museums.

It is high time that the history and cultural heritage of our country be presented with evidence and as such, rather than institutions feasibility of former kings and prime Ministers who have the facts as it pleases everyone.

It is being written by Xenophon Ptolemy Lagus and Aristoboulos Aristoboulou " Those things on  hand such as Alexander wrote, those as only true I say".






For the Governing Council of Maritime Museum of Litohoro President


Nikos Vlachopoulos.


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